Police Beat

Information provided by the Broadview Heights Police Department

Aug. 15 – A couple came to the station to report the theft of their wedding invitations from the mailbox located outside of the city’s post office. Approximately 123 were mailed and 10 days later, none of the guests had received their invitations.

Aug. 23 – Police responded to a senior living facility after a resident reported $200 stolen from his room. The complainant told police that when he woke in the morning, he found his checkbook lying on the floor of his room and the $200 in cash that had been located inside of it was missing. He suspects one of the caretakers may be responsible. The incident, along with several similar incidents at the facility, remain under investigation.

Aug. 23 – A Vineyard Drive resident called police to report his apartment had been burglarized. The complainant told officers he installed surveillance cameras in his residence after his watch went missing. The man was at the supermarket when his phone notified him that the cameras had detected movement inside his apartment. The cameras captured footage of two unidentified individuals inside his bedroom. Nothing was reported missing.

Aug. 24 – Police responded to the intersection of Lazzaro Boulevard and Broadview Road after a woman reported her vehicle had been struck by lightning. The complainant told the officer she had been sitting in her vehicle waiting for her daughter to get off the school bus when she heard a loud boom and saw a bright flash. She saw her rear windshield had been shattered and a tree branch was coming through it. Safety forces responded to the scene to help remove the tree from the vehicle.

Aug. 24 – Police responded to a Broadview Road gas station after receiving a call reporting a female who appeared to be falling asleep sitting outside the station. Upon arrival, the woman told the officer she was cold in 82-degree weather. She also admitted to having needles and a crack pipe in two purses in her possession. Police discovered approximately 50 needles in the purse, along with suspected brown heroin, suspected crack-cocaine, suspected psilocybin mushroom stems and numerous small glass jars with white powder residue. She was cited on charges of falsification, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Aug. 26 – Police responded to a Homestead Creek Drive residence after the homeowner reported his house had been vandalized. The man told police his doorbell camera captured footage of two juveniles throwing toilet paper onto his house and trees, smearing melted chocolate on his front door and placing melted chocolate-filled diapers on his son’s vehicle. No permanent damage was recorded.

Aug. 25 – The supervisor of a local maintenance and construction firm working on the Boston Road bridge project reported six road signs valued at $600 taken from a jobsite. He also said the waterline to the project had been cut. He said this is the second theft incident that has taken place on the site since the project began in May. Police are using footage from nearby cameras to locate the suspect vehicle.

Aug. 29 – The driver of a Dodge Ram was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and marijuana paraphernalia possession, as well as speed and reckless operation of a motor vehicle after he led police on a high-speed chase in a posted 35-mph zone on Broadview Road before turning onto Valley Parkway. Speeds topped 90 mph at one. The driver was also cited for subsequent tickets he had received in 2023.

Aug. 29 – A Tollis Parkway resident came to the station to report paint damage consistent with that which is used for road striping to the driver’s side door and driver’s side wheel wells of her vehicle. The complainant told police she lives close to a construction zone that she had driven through four days prior. The woman has been referred to the road striping company. ∞