Mayor’s Corner

Have a happy, safe and blessed Labor Day. If you are traveling, please drive defensively. Allowing a little more time to get home safely doesn’t hurt anyone.

I want to thank all who helped make the Community Day weekend a big success. We saw more families at the parade, more attended the steak fry and more families than ever at Community Day on Sunday. Kudos to Meridian Sun Masonic Lodge for organizing the parade. We appreciate Jay Nye who once again did a great job with the entertainment. Thanks to Sons of Amvets and Meridian Sun for a fantastic steak fry. Special thanks to all those who helped make Community Day a big success especially to Ruth Jocek and the Bath-Richfield Kiwanis as well as Laura Toth, village police, fire and service personnel. This year’s fireworks were outstanding with the best finale I have ever seen.

As a thank you to Summit County communities, the Akron Zoo is hosting Summit County Appreciation Days and is offering Richfield residents free admission for the entire month of September. The tickets are available online at and will be date specific. For those who do not have access to the internet, the mayor’s office has a few tickets.

Fall T-Ball and Rookie Ball start Thursday, Sept. 8. Hummingbird Soccer starts Tuesday, Sept. 6.

 Through August 12, the village collected $19,228,733 of the $36,113,143 budgeted for all funds revenue, or 53.2% of the budget. On the expenditure side, the village expended $20,212,612 through August 12, or 44.97% of the $44,944,881 budgeted for expenditures. The expected rate through mid-August should be approximately 62.5% of the budget being expended. 

If you have questions, concerns or comments, please contact me or my executive assistant at 330-659-9201, ext. 234, or email me at ∞