Police Beat

June 13 – Police responded to an East Sprague Road residence after a fire broke out in the home. Police said the home was filled with smoke that came from a bedroom being used for storage. After extinguishing the fire, police spoke with the homeowners who reported that their 4-year-old child found a lighter in the backyard by the grill and used it to light one of the boxes in the storage room on fire. Due to the child’s age, no charges have been filed in the incident.

June 17 – A Tollis Parkway resident reported damage to two windows of her car. The complainant showed officers that two letters had been etched into the windows along with other scratches. No charges have been filed in the case.

June 18 – A West Royalton Road resident contacted police to report that two male juveniles ran into her garage while she was on vacation, causing damage. Similar incidents were reported that evening on Scottsdale Drive. Police are attempting to determine the suspects’ identity using security camera footage.

June 20 – A Diana Drive man contacted police to report he witnessed the driver of a pickup attempting to give three young girls on scooters some candy. The complainant said that when the driver spotted him, he got back in the truck and sped away. Police later spoke with the mother of two of the children who said the man was not giving them candy but was instead showing them a snake. Police are attempting to identify the suspect.

June 20 – A Holly Lane resident was arrested on assault charges after knocking a representative from the gas company to the ground. The victim told police he knocked on the man’s door due to nonpayment on his account, at which time the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at him. The suspect allegedly chased the victim and pushed him to the ground before police arrived.

June 22 – Police responded to the Bear’s Den after a patron reported several items, including her wallet, driver’s license and credit cards missing from her locked vehicle. The woman reported leaving her car in the lot overnight and returning in the morning to retrieve her personal belongings from the car, which is when she discovered the items were missing. There are no suspects.

June 22 – Police responded to a Hunter’s Trail residence after receiving a report that more than $2,150 in purses, wallets, glasses, credit cards and cash had been stolen from two vehicles parked in the driveway. Police said the cars had not been locked overnight, which is when the thefts took place.

June 22 – A Bishop’s Court resident contacted police after her purse, containing cash and credit cards, was stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked in her driveway overnight. The woman said she didn’t realize the items were missing until she was contacted regarding fraudulent charges on her credit card. Camera footage shows two men exiting a black SUV and entering all three cars parked in the driveway before the footage stops.

June 23 – Police located a container of computer chip-type devices lying in the middle of the roadway on West Royalton Road. The container and its contents were taken to the station for safekeeping.

June 24 – A Cleveland man was cited on charges of disorderly conduct after he was reportedly stumbling in a gas station parking lot. By the time police arrived at the scene, the man was sitting on the curb and was unable to answer questions. He was determined to be at an extremely high level of intoxication and was transported to the hospital for treatment. There he had to be restrained and sedated before falling asleep. He remained at the hospital for further treatment.

June 25 – Police responded to the Broadview Heights GetGo gas station at 1:38 a.m. after receiving a report of a fire. Upon arrival, officers spotted heavy smoke coming out of the front door and a male reported that a suspect in the parking lot started the fire. After the fire was out, the suspect told police he lit a pack of firewood located outside the store with a lighter because he wanted to stay warm and go to sleep. He was arrested on charges of theft and arson. ∞