Brighten Your Smile with Metal-Free Restorations

by Dr. Zenon Farian, DDS

Whether your teeth have minor blemishes or significant chips, cracks, and decay, Dr. Zenon Farian has a safe, metal-free restoration to re- store your smile. Recent studies have shown the dangers of using restorations that contain nickel, mercury, and other metals that can leach into the bloodstream and damage organs. That is one reason Dr. Farian offers metal-free composite fillings and ceramic crowns.

What Are the Health Effects of Exposure to Mercury and Nickel

Certain metals that are used in dental care (often as a component of restorations like dental crowns) have been proven to cause health problems. A 2011 study by the National Institutes of Health found that nickel (often used to manufacture crowns and dentures) can leach from prosthetics and into the bloodstream of patients.

Dental amalgam, also known as silver amalgam, is a filling option that contains around 50 percent mercury, a known neurotoxin. The Food and Drug Administration lists mercury as a bioaccumulative chemical due to its ability to accumulate in certain organs. The Environmental Protection Agency warns that high levels of mercury exposure can result in loss of peripheral vision, impaired speech, muscle fatigue, and impaired motor skills.

Restore Your Smile with Composite Fillings and Ceramic Crowns

Dr. Farian offers composite fillings and ceramic crowns as an alternative to silver amalgam and metal-containing crowns. Both materials are considered biocompatible materials, meaning they do not adversely interact with the human body or release dangerous chemicals into the bloodstream. Another benefit of composite and ceramic materials is that they blend with the color and luster of your natural teeth.

For teeth that have significant cosmetic damage, a ceramic crown can enhance one or more of your teeth by “capping” it with a tooth-shaped prosthetic made from biocompatible ceramic material. Dental crowns require two visits to our office. During your first visit, Dr. Farian will apply a local anesthetic before removing the outer layer of your damaged tooth. During your second visit, your new custom dental crown will be placed using a strong bonding agent. Once Dr. Farian has used either restoration to address gaps, chips, discoloration, decay, or cracks, your friends will not be able to distinguish the filling or crown from your natural teeth.

Schedule an Appointment for Metal-Free Restorations Today!

Dr. Farian has placed metal-free composite fillings and ceramic crowns for thousands of patients. If you have a tooth with mild, moderate, or advanced decay, Dr. Farian can restore your smile in one or two easy visits at our Broadview Heights office. To schedule your first visit, please call our office at 440-526-9100.

Keep Smiling. And make it a good one!

Dr. Zenon Farian, DDS

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