Police Beat

March 31 – A member of the service department reported that someone spray painted multiple images on the exterior walls of one of the buildings at the Broadview Heights Fields. The service department has since sprayed over the graffiti to remove it.

April 2 – A woman was arrested on charges of domestic violence at a Tollis Parkway residence after she allegedly punched and bit her half-brother multiple times in the face.

April 4 – A truck driver was cited for driving on a no-through truck street after he drove along wolf Drive and destroyed several tree lawns. Police said at least five tree lawns on the road sustained deep tire rut damage.

April 5 – Police responded to Seneca Drive after the middle school principal reported that a school-age child was seen holding a gun and pointing it at people as an elementary school bus was unloading. The suspect told police he was showing his friends his BB gun, which was taken into police custody, but denied pointing it at anyone.

April 5 – A vacant storage unit on Postal Drive was broken into and damaged. Police said the suspect took down the sheet metal separating the units to access adjoining units.

April 6 – A contractor working to construct new houses on Aquila Drive reported several tools valued at more than $4,600 stolen from a locked construction trailer left over the weekend. Police said the side door of the trailer had been removed from the hinges.

April 6 – A Hollylane Drive resident reported the rear window of his vehicle was damaged by a pellet gun.

April 8 – A patron of the city’s recreation center reported her gym bag stolen from an unlocked locker in the women’s locker room. The complainant said the bag, which contained gym clothes, shoes, headphones and  car keys, had been left in an unlocked locker for approximately 20 minutes.

April 8 – Police arrested a driver on charges of possession of a controlled substance and following a vehicle too closely after he was pulled over for speeding. Several bags of marijuana along with 10 newer model cell phones were in his vehicle.

April 15 – A contractor working on Pin Oaks Drive contacted police to report more than $5,700 in construction equipment missing from the project site. The complainant told police the equipment, which included a cement mixer, scaffolding and shovels was left unsecured at the site.

April 16 – A resident of a Broadview Road group home was arrested on charges of felonious after striking a caregiver with a large rock. The man has been permanently removed from the home.

April 18 – A Wilmington Drive resident filed a report with the Ohio Attorney General after paying for an entry and storm door through CLE Door and never receiving the order.

April 19 – Police responded to a Brook Valley Court residence after a female called 911 asking for help because she was having a negative reaction to the heroin she had just snorted.

April 20 – The playground equipment near the city’s splash park was vandalized with graffiti. ∞