Skate park grand reopening set for April 18

by Dan Holland

March 7 city council meeting

Installation of new skate park equipment on the Broadview Heights city campus is expected to commence the week of April 4, with a grand opening slated for Monday, April 18 at 6:30 p.m. A number of city officials will be in attendance along with a DJ for the event.

“We’re very excited to have this, because it’s another area of recreation that gives not only kids but also adults an option, especially some who may not be into the common sports like soccer or baseball,” said Amanda Hutcheson, director of parks & recreation.

New equipment, purchased from American Ramp Company at a total cost of $54,339 including installation, includes quarter pipes, box jumps, bank ramps and other items. The previous structures were more than 15 years old and in a deteriorated state, according to Hutcheson.

“Now, we’re able to provide something new and fresh with different colors to brighten up that spot, and it’s a destination since there aren’t many like it in the area,” she continued. “We get people of all ages who come not only from Broadview Heights, but from surrounding cities as well. It’s nice because it keeps people off the businesses around here; riding on the steps, stairs and railings by giving them this option. We are thankful that city council supported us on this project.”

Hutcheson also shared with city council that batting cages are set up and in use in the auxiliary gym at the community center. Rates are expected to be posted on the city’s website and social media platforms by the second week of April, she said.

Update on license plate reader cameras

Police Chief Steven Raiff updated council on six license plate reader cameras that were approved for lease by city council in February at a cost of $16,500. The cameras will be set up and operated by Flock Safety, an Atlanta-based company. Brecksville City Council recently approved the lease and operation of a dozen cameras from the same firm.

“This is going to give us cameras at all of the major entry points in the city, so that when a crime occurs, we can use them by tapping into them and possibly get a suspect identification with that,” Raiff explained. “We’re not using them for writing tickets, and they don’t do facial recognition. We’ll just be using them for three things: stolen cars, warrants and Amber Alerts.”

The cameras will record traffic on the Interstate-77 westbound ramp at Royalton Road, Wallings Road westbound at I-77, Broadview Road northbound at Royalton Road, Royalton Road eastbound at Broadview Road, Royalton Road westbound at Ken-Mar Industrial Parkway and Broadview Road southbound at Sprague Road, according to Raiff.

“It’s a software program that we can log into as needed,” Raiff added. “When we began looking at these programs, we looked at Independence’s cameras and why they had them. They granted us permission to use their cameras to see how they worked. In like fashion, we’ll do the same thing so that North Royalton will be able to look at our cameras so that we can all share information with the cities around us.”

In other action, council:

  • Passed a resolution in support of Ukraine in fighting for their freedom and also supporting all efforts by the U.S. federal government in offering aid and assistance to Ukraine.
  • Passed a resolution for an agreement with Hermes Sports and Events for race management of Mayor Alai’s 5K & one-mile walk events for 2022-23. This year’s event is scheduled for Thursday, July 7, at 7 p.m.
  • Passed a resolution to apply for a mitigation grant through the Ohio EMA for the Chippewa Creek Flood Reduction Project.
  • Accepted a $3,500 community grant event sponsorship program grant from the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council.
  • Passed a resolution approving purchase of a Ford Explorer from Ken Ganley Ford of Barberton at a cost of $29,303. The vehicle will be used by the city’s building department.