Hudson’s 225th anniversary to be celebrated at June 21 Ice Cream Social

by Judy Stringer

On a very special Friday night each June, Hudsonites flock to the Main Street greens to relish in community and tasty treats as part of the annual League for Service Ice Cream Social. This year, residents will be celebrating a noteworthy occasion as they visit with neighbors and indulge in frozen delights – Hudson’s 225th anniversary.

Mayor Jeffrey Anzevino said research strongly suggests that founder David Hudson landed in the center of Hudson on June 26, 1799, after a 56-day journey from Goshen, Connecticut, to settle on a 25-mile portion of the Western Reserve he co-owned.

That makes the June 21 Ice Cream Social Friday “the perfect time and place” to commemorate Hudson’s founding, according to Anzevino, who will read a commemorative proclamation at 5:30 p.m. The city will also raffle off Hudson-themed baskets, including “golden ticket” access to the clock tower, and will likely unveil a new Hudson flag at the event.

The Ice Cream Social runs from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on the Clock Tower and Gazebo greens. The free event features live music, games and children’s activities and community group booths. In addition, the city is collaborating with local merchants, many of whom will offer 225th specials during the month of June.

“Some of them of them will be offering specials such as 22.5% off select products,” Anzevino said. “Others are offering special 225th products. Metropolis Popcorn, for example, is coming up with a white cheddar, blue caramel popcorn mix. Ming’s Bubble Tea just came back to us and said they’re going to do a blueberry mint tea drink. Our Hudson businesses are coming up with some very creative and fun ways to participate.”

He said a full list of specials is available at or via a QR code that will be displayed in participating merchant windows.

City flag

A new Hudson flag is likely to be unveiled as part of the 225th celebration. Anzevino said he began spearheading a project to design and enshrine a flag last year after finding out the former city flag had been decommissioned roughly seven years ago.

“I love flags. I think it’s a great way to show your pride – whether it’s the U.S. flag or the state of Ohio or a city – and I am very proud of Hudson and wanted to come up with a design that is representative of where we came from, where we are and where we want to go in the future,” he said.

The city collaborated with students and staff at Kent State University’s School of Visual Communication and Design, whittling down 30 proposals to the final design that was slated to be approved by Hudson City Council prior to June 21.

The blue-and-white flag prominently features the clock tower as the city’s seminal landmark, Anzevino noted. A white arc across the lower part of the flag represents the earth and the land, he added, stressing how important the tree-filled greens, open spaces and city parks are to Hudson’s identity. The blue above is a tribute to “a clear blue sky looking over and covering the city,” Anzevino said.

“Additionally the word ‘Hudson’ and ‘Est. 1799’ pays homage to David Hudson’s exploration to Northeast Ohio and his work to begin one of the first settlements in this area,” he explained.

Fun fact: The hands on the clock tower read 2:25, a nod to the flag’s adoption on the 225th anniversary year. “That’s a bit of inside symbolism, but I think it’s pretty cool,” Anzevino said. ∞

Photo: Hudson City Council is slated to approve the adoption of a newly designed city flag, which may be unveiled at the Ice Cream Social this month. Image submitted.