New superintendent’s contract covers all bases

by Sheldon Ocker

The new superintendent of the Revere School District, Dan White, formerly superintendent of Keystone Schools in Lorain County, will formally begin work on Aug 1. Until then, he will be employed as a consultant to outgoing Superintendent Michael Tefs.

Under the terms of his employment contract, White will earn a starting salary of $170,000. He will be eligible for raises on Aug. 1, 2025, and Aug. 1, 2026. His salary will be increased each year by the greater of 2% or “the amount approved by the board for other administrators in the district.”

At the discretion of the board of education, White’s salary can increase by more than the percentage specified in his contract. Raises will be subject to a positive performance evaluation.

The board will provide White with term life insurance equal to twice the amount of the current year’s salary. The board also will pay White’s contribution to the State Teachers Retirement System. White will receive the same health care benefits provided to other Revere administrators.

White’s agreement provides for 25 paid vacation days per year for the length of the three-year contract. He can carry over as many as 20 vacation days to the following year, but he must get board approval to take more than 10 consecutive vacation days.

The contract provides White with a $40 per month allowance for a cell phone, and he will be reimbursed for mileage incurred in the performance of his duties. The board annually will pay for an annuity to benefit White at the rate of 3.5% of his salary at that time. White will select the annuity. ∞