Revere Superintendent’s Corner by Dan White

Meet our New Superintendent – A Q&A with Dan White

On Thursday, May 30, Revere’s last school day with students, I had the opportunity to visit the district and spend time in our schools. I met many staff and students and what a wonderful day it was!  I felt so welcomed and was impressed with the genuine interest to meet me. I observed kindergarten graduation, the Bath staff-students kickball game, a building leadership team meeting at the high school, waved goodbye to the school buses as they left Revere Middle School and was in awe of the PTA sponsored carnival at Richfield Elementary. I often hear from parents who share that they moved to Revere for the schools, who take great pride in their schools, and are thrilled with their choice to live here. I saw firsthand why they love it.

In this month’s superintendent’s column, I will share my thoughts to answer a few frequently asked questions. I hope that this will allow you to learn a little more about me. I look forward to meeting with our staff, students, families, and community members in the months ahead.

What do you see that Revere should celebrate?

Parent engagement, for sure, is second to none. In just one day, I saw the parent engagement at Bath Elementary and Richfield Elementary. Parents were in the building, assisting and helping with fun, end-of-the-year events. Revere should celebrate the achievement of all students, and this can also be attributed to teacher instruction as they help students be successful.

What do you see as opportunities?

I look forward to meeting with people to learn about opportunities for growth.

I tend to be solution oriented. When we come across opportunities, we will seek solutions and improvement.

What is your vision for our school district under your leadership?

How do we become the best we can be in all areas? My vision is aligned to the vision of a Minuteman and the strategic plan. I love the philosophy of “learning for doing,” with the innovative curriculum and instruction found in our schools. Examples in just a few days include the learning lab, STEM class, and senior exit interviews.

What are your top priorities for the upcoming school year?

I will spend time learning about the district and connecting with people.

I will live by Steven Covey’s habit, “Seek first to understand.” This year will be an adventure.  I know that I will meet many people and encounter new experiences. This is super exciting!

How do you plan to address the current challenges our schools are facing?

I want to understand what those challenges are and will seek to understand multiple perspectives before making decisions, and then have the courage to make what I believe is the right decision.

How do you plan to engage with parents, teachers, and the wider community?

I plan to be involved, go to events, make connections, watch, connect personally. I look forward to celebrating with students and families. Additionally, I want to build trust for the success of the schools and community and be transparent and clear about the reasons we are making the decisions we are making.

How do you plan to involve students in decision-making processes?

I would love to engage with students and will look for opportunities when this makes sense. An example that I just witnessed was including students in the community forum and  interview process. I was very impressed as the students escorted me to the meeting spaces and engaged with their questions and feedback.

Tell us about you! Please share a bit about your background and family?

I went to a small rural school, Licking Heights, and have two brothers. My mom was a high school English teacher and my aunt and brothers are intervention specialists. Sports and music have been a big part of our lives. I played football, wrestling and baseball and had many great coaches growing up who really motivated and cared about us. I have a love for rural Ohio, my best friend lived on a dairy farm and I spent a lot of time at his farm and acquired a love for the outdoors.  My wife, Anna, is a vocally trained opera singer and is working to become a respiratory therapist. I have three children in neighboring Medina City Schools. Rose will be a junior and enjoys orchestra and swimming. Addie is entering sixth grade, is a writer and plays the piano and cello. Luke is entering fourth grade and loves sports, especially baseball, and is an avid Guardians fan.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to bike and exercise. Every summer I do a 50-mile bike ride with my daughter. I also love to read and I enjoy campfires, bodies of water, mountains, etc. … all outdoors!

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career?  Bruce Bradley, Keystone Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He gave me opportunities to lead, and was really encouraging, as I began talking about instruction and analyzing data. I still talk to him to this day.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you?

I am really excited to be here and thankful I GET to be the superintendent for Revere Local Schools! ∞