Bath Elementary Students of the Month

Grade 3: Blake Waterman

Blake is kind to his friends and respectful to his teachers. He is a hardworking student who puts forth his best effort every day. Blake has been an added ray of sunshine to the class this year as a new Revere student.

Grade 3: Lila Haddad

Lila is a leader who is respectful, responsible and uses her problem-solving strategies before asking for help. She has a kind heart and accepts, and appreciates others’ differences. She is a wonderfully engaged student and isn’t afraid to take risks.

Grade 4: Jax Arvay

Jax always comes to school with a positive attitude and willingness to work hard. He is respectful to both peers and teachers. Jax is a great role model who sets a great example for his classmates.  

Grade 5: Owen Grove

Owen consistently shows responsibility by completing all assignments neatly and on time. He is always respectful to both his classmates and teachers. Owen uses his problem-solving skills to persevere when he encounters a setback. ∞