Revere Youth Wrestling boasts successful season

Revere Youth Wrestling wrapped up a great 2023-24 season. The program has been growing for the last several years, and reached a record number of 89 kids signing up this season. 

With a wide range of ages – kindergarten through sixth grade – the team is split up into two groups, All-Star and Varsity, to accommodate the different ages and skill levels of each wrestler. The teams practice two to three times a week and each wrestler competes in formal matches throughout the season. Revere Youth Wrestling also participates in a league with eight other teams.

The All-Stars had success and growth this year as they continued to learn the sport and develop their strength, confidence and technique. The Varsity team is growing strong and gained a lot of skills and experience throughout this season. Three Varsity wrestlers made it to districts and two advanced to wrestle at the state tournament.

Wrestlers grew a strong team bond and gained respect for one another throughout the season. The athletes had fun and made good memories while developing their skills and learning the sport.

Through wrestling, coaches aim to teach kids to be tough and have endurance. At a deeper level, the sport teaches humility, discipline, respect and integrity.

The Revere Youth Wrestling program has developed a great team culture between the wrestlers, parents and coaches, which contributed to this season’s success. For more information, visit ∞

Photo: Aiden Jones, a junior at Revere High School, ended his wrestling season 42-9 after finishing third in districts. He lost his opening match at the state tournament. He executes a nearside breakdown during a tough 2-0 loss to McCullough of Washington Courthouse in the first round of consolation matches at States. Photo by Bruce Hulme.