Revere seniors might get freebie

by Sheldon Ocker

Feb. 13 board of education work session

Revere High School seniors in good academic standing can get a portion of the school day off, if the board of education approves a resolution proposed by Principal Andrew Peltz.

He explained that approximately 165 seniors either are in study hall or away from campus – with 50-60 involved with programs at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center – during the final class period of the day.

He said almost 60 seniors leave early to participate in business teacher Jeff Dallas’ work program off campus.

“We want to give our seniors the opportunity to pursue other options,” said Peltz, referring in part to seniors who have after-school jobs.

He proposes to allow seniors on track to graduate on schedule to report to school one period late or leave one period early, rather than spend time in study hall.

“Parents would be aware of this as an option,” Peltz said. “They [seniors] would be allowed to arrive at either second period, if they had the first period senior option, or leave after the sixth period at 1:40 [p.m.].

“They also would have the option to remain on campus, as well, if they have track [or another extracurricular activity] or they want to work at a study table.”

This would not work for seniors who have classes in the first or last period of the day, though Peltz said there would be an effort to conduct “core classes” in the middle of the school day.”

Seniors could not arrive late to school and leave early. They would have to pick one option.

Those who take part would not be required to engage in a specific school-related activity, which might lead to abuses, but Superintendent Michael Tefs said the option can always be rescinded by the board.

“You won’t know unless you try,” he said. “Let them [seniors] give it a shot. The board can review it next year.”

The program would not begin until the 2024-25 school year.

The wrecking ball

Treasurer Rick Berdine told the board that after consulting with experts, it would not make financial sense to renovate a house on Everett Road property that the district purchased.

Berdine said that contractors looked at the house and pegged the cost for renovations required to rent the house at a minimum of $50,000 and maybe as much as $75,000.

“My recommendation is not to spend that kind of money for it to be a rental property,” he said. “We can demolish it for $12,000.”

Berdine added that the district is paying property taxes on the house.

“So, I don’t think it is a good business decision for the district,” he said.

Berdine said that the district would keep the garages on the property for maintenance.

Delayed revenue

Berdine said his usual financial report is being impacted by the delay in the county’s property tax assessments and collections.

“The delay in the tax bills going out of Summit County is seriously challenging my cash flow projections,” he said. “We’re going to be OK. … We’ll at least get through February.” ∞