Revere pays $200,000 to settle suits

by Sheldon Ocker

Revere schools paid $200,000 through two of its insurance carriers (Liberty Mutual and Netherlands Insurance Co.) in January to settle two lawsuits involving a current or former student and his family.

The settlement is confidential as to the name of the plaintiff and his family. The specifics of the suit also were not revealed, but the suit apparently dates to the administration of former Superintendent Matt Montgomery, who resigned in 2021 to become superintendent at Lake Forest schools, a suburban district north of Chicago.

Before a settlement was reached, the parties engaged in mediation from Oct. 19 to Nov. 17, 2023. The suits were brought in the U.S. Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division.

According to the terms of the settlement, “Parties agree that the Settlement Payment … is intended to address all allegations of damages set forth in the Litigation, including but not limited to claims of physical harm, emotional distress, and/or emotional distress attributable to physical illness.”

The agreement specifies that neither party has made an admission of wrongdoing.

“Neither the fact of this Agreement nor any of its parts shall be construed as an admission of wrongdoing, liability, defense, or that any fact or allegation asserted by either Party was true. The Board expressly denies any wrongdoing.”

Superintendent hiring process

The board met in executive session twice during the week of Jan. 28 to formulate a process for selecting a new superintendent.

Initially the board hired Summit Educational Service Center School Leadership Connection for $8,000 to assist in the search for candidates. Educational Service Center provides multiple programs for area school districts, including HR assistance, curriculum recommendations, student support programs and aid for school administrators.

Later in the week, the board met with Summit ESC to nail down the details. The board determined that the position will be posted two weeks after this meeting, and the deadline to apply is mid-March.

The intention is to hire a new superintendent by the end of April. In February, Summit ESC plans to convene focus groups composed of parents, community members, teachers, support staff and administrators to determine what qualities are most desirable in a new superintendent.

Revere is seeking a superintendent in the wake of Michael Tefs’ resignation early in January. Tefs will continue to serve in his position until July 31, which marks the expiration date of his contract. ∞