Mayors Corner – Mayor Jeffrey L. Anzevino

365 Kindness & 225 Commemoration

The month of March will soon bring us to the start of the spring season and on the heals of February’s Random Acts of Kindness week. Please continue to look to all of the available resources, from both the city and our area organizations, to stay up to date on all of the amazing events and engagement opportunities here in Hudson, Ohio.

I hope that residents and their guests have been able to enjoy the Birdsong project, which is a unique public art installation that was established on the Clocktower, Gazebo, Park Lane and Ravenna Street greens back in the Spring of 2023. The project involved over 150 small bird sculptures that were handpainted by local artists and hung in the branches of the trees. “Melody,” the much larger and focal point sculpture that is located on the Park Lane Green and adjacent to the historic Baldwin-Buss House, was officially named last year after votes were collected from the community. 

As we move into the spring of 2024, the smaller bird sculptures or “The Flock” will be removed and are planned to travel to other areas around Northeast Ohio. However, “Melody” will remain in downtown Hudson and soon be accompanied by three large planters that will incorporate a 365-Day Kindness Rock Garden. This addition will allow residents to “Take One, Leave One, Share One and help spread Kindness All Year Long.” Area schools and art studios have agreed to help paint the initial supply of Kindness Rocks and use this opportunity to help teach about the good that can come from being kind.

A milestone that most people may not be aware of is that this year marks the 225th anniversary of David Hudson arriving to this area in late June of 1799 and beginning one of the first settlements in Summit County. As such, the city along with various local organizations and merchants, are working on plans to help remind residents of Hudson’s vast history as well as to help commemorate our 225th anniversary. Stay tuned for more information.

On a final note, the city of Hudson through the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce recently held our State of the City presentation at the Country Club of Hudson.  Please visit the city website for more information on this presentation as well as our updated Budget in Brief for 2024. Both of these resources are full of details with regard to the projects happening in our city as well as an overview of our financial condition.

In addition, please sign-up for the city e-newsletter that is emailed weekly and covers a snap-shot of select current events and projects. The city currently has almost 7,000 unique email addresses and the e-newsletter is quickly becoming one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reach residents with news and information.

Continue to reach out to the city with questions and feedback. Have a great spring, be kind and help us honor Hudson’s 225th anniversary. Thank you. ∞