Business offers ray of hope to those suffering from substance addiction

by Emily Canning-Dean

Ray Recovery opened its doors in Hudson last fall, and business development officer Cris Prillaman said she is overwhelmed by how welcoming the community has been.

“It is tremendous the welcome we have received from the surrounding businesses and from the chamber,” she said. “We did the farmer’s market here in Hudson, and we had so many people stopping to see what we are all about.”

Prillaman said Ray Recovery is the only organization of its kind in Hudson. They offer outpatient addiction treatment services as well as mental health treatment services.

“Our goal is to make recovery and treatment accessible to people,” she said. “We understand this can be difficult because there is a stigma around substance abuse disorders.”

Prillaman said Ray Recovery offers medication-assisted treatment and also provides different levels of outpatient treatment. Through one plan, patients will spend roughly three hours at the center three days a week, and through another they will receive six or seven hours of treatment at the facility for five days a week.

“These include one-on-one sessions, but then there are also group sessions,” she said. “We find it is important to build that sense of camaraderie, to be able to look someone else in the eye and say ‘I know exactly what you mean.’”

Clients can also receive treatment for other mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety at the clinic.

“We have found that some people turn to drugs or alcohol because of anxiety or depression and others develop anxiety or depression due to substance abuse,” she said.

While Ray Recovery does accept referrals, anyone who needs help with alcohol or substance addiction treatment can call the center directly.

“You can call even if you just have a question or you think you’re having a problem,” Prillaman said. “We can just have a conversation. We aren’t going to tie you up and restrain you. We have one patient who is getting treatment with us who I talked to for two months prior to her coming in. We respect that patients need to come in when they are ready.”

Ray Recovery also offers support for loved ones. Starting in March, the clinic will offer a support group on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 6-7:30 p.m. for loved ones of those with addiction struggles.

The clinic, at 1737 Georgetown Rd., is Ray Recovery’s first location and it employs nine individuals. Prillaman said the organization hopes to expand over the next couple of years.

For more information, visit or call 888-598-6299. ∞

Photo: Cris Prillaman (center), business development officer for Ray Recovery is joined by the organization’s staff and Hudson officials at its ribbon-cutting ceremony. Photo submitted.