Bath Elementary Students of the Month

Grade 3: Dominic Del Negro

Dominic demonstrates maturity and leadership in his behavior, academics and interactions with his peers. He works hard to make sure his new understanding is reflected in each task. He is also a kind friend to all. Dominic comes in with a smile on his face each day, and goes above and beyond without expecting any extra recognition.

Grade 4: Santina Pisano

Santina comes to school each day prepared and eager to learn. She works hard and leads others by modeling appropriate classroom behavior. She is polite to others, respectful of her teachers and puts forth extra effort in her work to be successful. Santina participates in class and is a leader among her peers. 

Grade 5: Bryce Palmier

Bryce is a kind, hard-working young man. He has mastered the balance of work and play, always focused on getting his work done in a timely manner. He is friendly with everyone and has the best manners. Bryce goes out of his way to make others feel included and important. ∞