Speed limit lowered to 35 on Valley View

by Judy Stringer

Jan. 16 city council meeting

Responding to mounting resident requests, Hudson City Council voted to reduce the speed limit on Valley View Road from 45 to 35 mph as part of its consent agenda. Council President Chris Foster had signaled the change would be likely at the Jan. 9 city council meeting, stating that “a number” of council members agreed the speed limit should be lowered and that Valley View is “one of the rare circumstances” where council has the authority to do so “without getting the state involved.”

“Back when Hudson was a township, the state had warranted Valley View for 35, but for whatever reason, the township trustees decided to put it to 45,” Foster said.

Discussions of sidewalk construction along segments of Valley View and Hines Hill Road and the prospect of an inclusive playground at nearby Middleton Park have sparked concerns about the Valley View speed limit.

The ratified consent agenda also included 3% annual salary increases for 2024, 2025 and 2026 and a one-time $1,500 COVID-related bonus for city employees represented by Teamsters Local Union No. 436. Also ratified were two resolutions related to grant applications for a proposed transition waterline along Nicolson Drive. Hudson is seeking federal and state grants to help pay for the $3.6 million waterline project. ∞