Societal dangers to be addressed in state mandated program

by Sheldon Ocker

Nov. 21 board of education meeting

Curriculum Coordinator Marcia Roach and school counselor Michelle Pruchnicki gave the Revere Board of Education their recommendation regarding course work that will comply with a new state requirement to educate students K-12 about child sexual abuse prevention, dating violence and sexual violence prevention.

Roach told the board that Revere already has an instructional program that puts the district in compliance with Ohio Senate Bill 288.

“My recommendation for grades 6-12 in accordance with this law is that we continue our existing high-quality practice and that we not make changes,” Roach said, adding that Revere’s health textbook contains material on “healthy relationships.”

The mandated curriculum for grades 6-12 will be taught in health class. Roach said all sixth and seventh graders take health.  After that, students take one semester of health education.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade will use a different curriculum, called Second Step.

Districts were told to pick from a list of courses approved by the state. Pruchnicki said she and Roach didn’t like any of them until the state made Second Step a late addition.

Second Step addresses such topics as “Ways to Stay Safe” and “The Always Ask First” rule. For K-2 students the monthly class will last 30 minutes. Third, fourth and fifth graders will take 40-minute classes.

Parents will have an opportunity to opt out of the program about two weeks before classes begin. Roach and Pruchnicki said that opting out will not affect the academic standing of a student.

Showing him the money

Board Treasurer Rick Berdine highlighted an unexpected revenue increase in presenting his latest five-year forecast.

“It’s a significant improvement since the last one [in May] by about $14 million, out to June 30, 2027,” he said. “State funding is increasing by about $900,000 this year and an additional $300,000 next year to $1.2 million.”

The increase in state cash is only a small part of the equation.

“The major increase is the result of the Summit County property reappraisal,” Berdine said. “To date, I’ve been told that residential property values are up 26% in our district. I put 22% in the forecast. I would anticipate that there will be some challenges to some of these valuations. We’ll see some degree of  decline. I don’t know what that will be.”

Berdine said the last county reappraisal of residential property raised values in the Revere district by 14-15%.

Board policy revisions

Among many board policy revisions were at least two that impact parents of Revere students.

One addresses the promotion of third graders and reads, “Student parents or guardians in consultation with the student’s third-grade reading teacher and building principal can request that regardless of whether they are reading at grade level, they can be promoted to fourth grade.”

Another policy change concerns home education. If a student is being taught at home, notice must be given to the district administration and a form must be completed.

In other action

The board approved a trip by the Revere High varsity and junior varsity baseball teams to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to participate in the Ripken Experience from March 23-27, 2024. The varsity will play four games and the JV two. Expenses will be paid by those on the trip and by fundraising.

Theboard also ratified a trip by the Revere varsity and JV softball teams to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee from March 23-27, 2024 to take part in the RIpken Experience. The varsity will play four games, the JVs two. Players on the trip and fundraisers will pay the costs of the excursion.

Donations for the month: Anthony Modarressian  gave $1,000  to Bath Elementary for CVEEC Camp. The True North “Giving Pump” campaign contributed $1,005 to the district. Bath PTA donated $420 to Bath Elementary so three students could attend CVEEC Camp. ∞