Solar eclipse hot topic for Revere board of education

by Sheldon Ocker

Oct. 17 board of education meeting    

A rare solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024, offering both an educational opportunity and a logistical problem for the Revere school district.

“It is the topic among schools,” Superintendent Michael Tefs said. “We have been talking in the community and with the PTA, and certainly there is a conversation about what are we doing at Revere?”

Assistant Superintendent Micki Krantz and Curriculum Coordinator Marcia Roach have been researching Revere’s choices.

Roach said she has learned that most schools in Medina and Lorain counties are planning to cancel school for the day.

“We don’t know if that would be the best option for our schools,” Roach said. “We also know that doing an early release is not a great option, as it inconveniences a lot of families that rely on school ending at an expected time each day.”

Roach added that there could be safety issues if elementary school kids are released at the normal time.

“That would be right during the time of totality for the eclipse,” she said. “And late release poses some challenges for our transportation department.”

According to Krantz, the height of the eclipse will happen between 3:08 p.m. and 3:19 p.m. in this part of the country.

Elementary school kids would be just getting on buses, but middle school and high school students already would be home, Krantz said.

Protecting the eyes during an eclipse is critical.

“I’m concerned about how they [elementary school kids] would interact with the safety of their eyes at that time,” Krantz said.

Board member Claudia Hower recalled that during a partial eclipse a few years ago, the district procured protective glasses for students and made the eclipse “an educational experience.”

Krantz said that appropriate eyeglasses have been ordered.

Rather than cancel school – no board member endorsed that option – Krantz said the district might switch the April 8 school day with a professional development day for teachers on April 29, when school is not in session.

The board was not asked to make a decision.

“For a month or so, we will gather feedback from families, the PTA and teachers about our options,” Krantz said, adding that she expects to report her findings at the November school board meeting.

Crystal Clinic agreement

The board approved a contract with the Crystal Clinic to supply the district with two athletic trainers to service Revere high school and middle school sports teams.

The contract calls for the trainer to provide about 2,700 hours of assistance annually, including summer, when necessary.

In addition to expertise and hands-on support, Revere athletes will be given neurocognitive baseline tests and post-concussive tests. Trainers also may conduct classes for parents and coaches.

The Crystal Clinic will provide these services at no cost. Instead, there will be signage at the high school football stadium promoting the Clinic, advertisements in Revere’s fall and winter program plus public address announcements during home games.


Revere golf coach David Archer is contributing his coaching salary of $5,034 to the boys and girls golf teams for the third consecutive year.

Nationwide Valuation Solutions LLC donated $1,500 to the high school golf program, and the Albrecht Family Foundation gave $1,000 to the golf program.

Other topics

• Board member Diana Sabitsch informed the board that new lighting at the bus garage property is scheduled for November. Also a survey of roofing needs for the district is being conducted with repairs expected to be undertaken next summer.

• Jennifer Burke, Revere’s representative to the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center board, reported that enrollment at the school is up to 912, excluding adults, with 66 coming from Revere. Both figures are six-year highs. ∞