Revere Superintendent’s Corner by Dr. Michael Tefs

Analyzing State-Level Business Metrics

Operating a public school system is often a heavy, but extremely gratifying lift. Balancing public assets with the education of our community’s youth takes deep analysis, strategy, and vision.

Revere’s last operating levy was passed in May 2011. The school district has not had to request additional millage (revenue) for the past 12 years. In fact, our current 5-year forecast does not signal the need for additional revenue/ballot initiative.

This is not by accident. The board of education and administration continue to work tirelessly to balance education needs against the public interest.

After analyzing several metrics, we continue to be pleased with how we benchmark against state-level data. Please, take a minute to review these data below as I believe you, too, will be impressed and pleased with our benchmarking.

Demographic Data (FY22)

I am proud of these data, proud of our student achievement, proud of our fiscal position, proud of our employees, and proud to be a Minuteman.