Bath Elementary Students of the Month

Bath Elementary Students of the Month

Grade 3: Hannah Hill

Hannah is an absolute ray of sunshine. She strives to do her best and it shows by the pride she takes in her work every day. Hannah is friendly, polite and cares for others around her. She is a leader in the classroom and approaches her work with a positive attitude, perseverance and determination.

Grade 4: Thalia Tsigrelis 

Thalia is an outstanding student. She is always on task and gives her best effort. Thalia is reliable, responsible and trustworthy. She is kind to everyone and always has a positive attitude. Her dedication to her schoolwork and her kind personality make her an exceptional student.

Grade 5: Penelope Strickler

Penelope is consistent, conscientious and a wonderful role model for her peers. She is very responsible, organized and neat. Penelope possesses a positive attitude and tackles assignments and challenges with clear conviction and manages her time wisely. Penelope is a delightful presence in the classroom and is capable of achieving anything that she wants to do. ∞