This is Your Weight Loss Opportunity

by Dr. Andrew T. Brady, Chiropractic Physician

I have seen firsthand the downward spiral Americans are taking with gaining weight, especially after COVID-19, and the devastating physiological effects it has on one’s overall health and vitality. Over the last several years, I’ve researched weight loss solutions to offer my patients looking for help, but never felt good about any of the products or plans because they seemed gimmicky and didn’t offer lasting results. At that point, I thought I’d rather offer nothing than to offer something I didn’t believe in or wouldn’t use myself if I was struggling with my weight.

Last year, however, I talked to a friend and colleague in Arizona who offered a program called Chirothin to his patients with tremendous success – not just success with losing weight, but with keeping it off. As I researched this doctor-supervised program further, it was the first time I felt like a plan and product was truly in line with my beliefs regarding health and wellness. Despite spending countless hours researching the product and company, I couldn’t help still feeling skeptical, since I am naturally a skeptical person when things sound too good to be true. I decided to order ONE kit, and only one. I was essentially going to let the results of one patient determine if I would offer this indefinitely in my practice. After six weeks, my patient had lost 28 pounds and a total of 32 inches off her entire body. As I write this, it’s been a year. And 24 Chirothin kits later, I could not be more pleased with the health transformation my patients are experiencing! They didn’t just look better and feel better, they became healthier and better functioning as a result of this program.

In my opinion, there really isn’t anything that is more impactful to your health than to lose weight when you are overweight or obese. It improves the health and function of almost every organ system you have, such as your heart, lungs, kidneys, and musculoskeletal system to name a few.

I challenge you to give us a call to schedule your no-obligation, FREE Chirothin consultation, or visit our website for more information ( You will watch a short video explaining the program in detail and then I will be there to answer any questions you may have. What do you have to lose? (No pun intended.)

Dr. Andrew T. Brady,Chiropractic Physician

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