Charter amendment targets mayoral

by Melissa Martin

July 18 city council meeting

Following a third reading, Brecksville City Council unanimously approved six charter changes recommended by the Charter Review Commission.

Council is required to approve all charter changes before they can be forwarded to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for a vote by the electorate. The proposed changes will be on the Nov. 7 ballot.

Among the most significant charter amendments is a recommendation to require mayoral candidates to reside in Brecksville for at least four years before seeking election. Currently, mayoral candidates are required to live in the city for two years before running.

Members of the Charter Review Committee, which is formed every 10 years to review the charter and make amendments, said future candidates need time to familiarize themselves with the city, local government, businesses and residents.

Members of the committee include Eric Skaljac, Daniel Bender, Eric Schirch, Stephanie Bartos, Michael Berlin, Denise Gawlik, Theresa Lesh, Jill Mansfield, Jessica Vida-Clough and alternate Rob Holub.

As part of the discussion, Mayor Jerry Hruby asked council to consider passing a resolution in August acknowledging the Charter Review Commission for its service and dedication to the Brecksville community. Hruby said each committee member will be invited to the August council meeting to receive a copy of the proclamation. ∞