Youngsters float in the fun at Aqua Egg Hunt

by Dan Holland

The Easter season kicked off March 15 at the Brecksville Community Center’s Jack A. Hruby Natatorium as the city hosted its annual Aqua Egg Hunt for children from 6 months to 12 years in the indoor activity pool.

Thousands of plastic eggs, placed in the pool and collected in netted bags by children, were turned in for candy, toys and other items in an Easter Shop set up in the Community Room. One golden egg among each age group, staggered in 30-minute time slots, yielded the finder a special gift basket.

The event, which drew more than 200 attendees this year, was first held in 2014.

A number of Brecksville residents shared reasons why they enjoy the event so much, including Steve Schadler, who attended the event with his daughters, Dahlia and Celeste.

“It’s a lot of fun for the kids. They have a blast,” said Schadler. “They have smiles plastered over their faces the entire time for whatever Friday events we come out to, whether it’s for Halloween, Easter-themed, or whatever they have planned. It’s a shining asset of the community, and we love making it to the events as much as possible.”

Renee DeSantis, who took part in the event with her grandchildren, Chloe and Dylan, was attending the event for her sixth time. “It’s an annual tradition. They’ve been coming to this ever since they were babies,” added the children’s mom, Amanda DeSantis.

Brian and Stephanie Bartos said they try to attend as many community events as possible with their children, Sophie and Bennett.

“We always try to sign up for these events; they do such a great job with them,” said Stephanie. “Our kids really enjoy it; they love swimming in the pool and hanging out with all of their Brecksville friends. We’re very thankful for these opportunities.”

Jared and Rachel VanArsdale participated in the event for the second time with their daughter, Harper. “She did it last year and had a lot of fun,” said Jared. “She likes swimming as the best part of it and likes gathering the eggs.”

Kera Leonhardt attended the event for the first time with daughter Amelia after seeing it listed in the city’s bulletin of events.

“The Aqua Egg Hunt is a great event for families to socialize and help members of the community get to know their neighbors,” said Director of Recreation Rachele Engle, who attended the event with her children. “It is an event that allows children to get excited to celebrate Easter in whichever way that may be.”

“The Aqua Egg Hunt is a very popular event, which is a large part due to our aquatic staff,” she added. “Our aquatic staff goes above and beyond making sure each egg hunt is exciting and fun for every session. It is a highly sought after event each year.”

Youngsters gather eggs in the pool. Photos by Dan Holland.

Photo (main/above): Brecksville resident Steve Schadler and daughter, Dahlia, show off the eggs collected as part of the city’s annual Aqua Egg Hunt.