Bath Elementary Students of the Month

Grade 3: Mae Marzano

Mae is consistently kind and her smile lights up the classroom. She gets along well with everyone, which makes her a nice and helpful friend. She can be counted on to follow school rules even when nobody is watching and she completes her classwork quietly without disturbing others. 

Grade 4: Ethan Longley

Ethan is an excellent example of a responsible, respectful, problem solver. He is motivated to learn every day, has shown tremendous growth and truly wants to do his best. Teachers appreciate his willingness to help, his kind words and ability to focus on work first. 

Grade 5: Elinor Collins  

Elinor is always willing to help a friend and take on leadership roles within the classroom. Elinor is innovative, athletic, kind hearted and funny. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge and is constantly looking for new ways to grow as a learner and improve herself.

Grade 5: Enzo Capotosto

Aside from being a consistently high performer across school subject areas, Enzo is a competitive swimmer, accomplished artist and entrepreneur selling his handmade goods at craft shows. He has a sharp wit and warm presence. He is quick to offer a smile, encouragement or new strategy to others. ∞