DiMauro elected president; board moves tax budget forward

by Judy Stringer

Jan. 10 board of education organizational meeting

Steve DiMauro will carry on as Hudson City School District Board of Education president, following a vote held at the board’s organizational meeting. DiMauro assumed the presidency in August upon the retirement of longtime board member David Zuro. Alisa Wright was elected vice president.

Treasurer Phil Butto presented the 2023-2024 alternative tax budget, which Butto said provides a “high level” snapshot of “next year’s fiscal budget.”

It also “allows the county auditor to set the tax rates,” he said, “and from that point establishes the certificate of revenue that we are to receive next year.”

Property tax collections are expected to contribute $50.8 million to the district’s general fund during the 2023-2024 budget year, according to the statement. Other projected property tax collections for that year include just over $5 million for the debt service fund, $1.5 million for the permanent improvement fund and $4.5 million for the master facilities bonds.

The board passed the tax budget as part of a consent agenda that also included:

  • Acceptance of more than $15,000 worth of grants from Hudson Kiwanis for various district needs
  • Renewal of the district’s Ohio School Boards Association membership in the amount of $10,552
  • Adjustment for the pay rate for all employees currently making less than new Ohio minimum wage of $10.10 an hour

In other meeting news, Superintendent Dana Addis said the district has selected three finalists in its search for a strategic plan facilitator. Addis said the strategic plan will be “created through our students, our staff members, our community members, and obviously, our board members” over the next five months. A final plan will be presented in August, according to Addis. ∞