Trustees to vote on garage size, property line changes

by Laura Bednar

Nov. 7 public hearing

Sagamore Hills trustees discussed changes to the zoning code proposed by the zoning commission.

The proposed changes would modify the language in regard to open space, alter property line distances when building a single-family detached dwelling and increase the maximum square footage of a garage to allow for four cars.

Trustee John Zaccardelli said Zoning Inspector Ray Fantozzi had received construction plans with four-car garages, prompting a discussion of altering the existing code of a maximum of 850 square feet for a garage to 1,200 square feet. Based on Fantozzi’s comments about the proposed change, trustees decided the word “attached” should be included in the code to ensure all new garage constructions are connected to a dwelling. Each garage must also have another door other than the overhead door for safety purposes in the event the overhead door does not work.

The proposed change in open space requires a preliminary plan submitted to the zoning commission prior to the submission of a detailed residential development plan, according to the zoning resolution. A minimum of 40% of developable land must remain as open space. The change states that streets, sidewalks, utility right of ways, storm drainage areas and land used for recreation would not count towards the 40% open space requirement. Wetlands, on the other hand, would.

Property lines for single-family detached dwellings must be 35 feet from any new street right-of-way line and no closer than 20 feet to another dwelling under the zoning change. A single family detached dwelling shall also be no closer than 50 feet from an existing non-cluster residentially zoned property.

Trustee David DePasquale asked if a provision needed to be added for decks built on the back of the home. Dr. David Koncal, zoning commission chair, said an attached deck would not be allowed because it encroached on the 50 feet requirement from the rear line of the dwelling. However, he said an accessory structure like a shed or pergola would be permitted because it is detached. DePasquale suggested the zoning change read 50 feet from the furthest point of the home, to allow for an attached deck to be considered part of the dwelling. Trustees will vote on the changes at the Nov. 14 trustee meeting