Superintendent’s Corner – Casey Wright

Nordonia Hills celebrates continued national recognition for music education excellence

We are thrilled to announce that Nordonia Hills City Schools has received the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation’s Best Communities for Music Education designation. This recognition demonstrates our community’s commitment to providing high-quality music education to every student.

To achieve this distinction, we underwent an evaluation process that assessed our community support for the music program. The Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas conducted this assessment, and we are proud to have been recognized for our achievements in making music education a cornerstone of our students’ educational journey.

Our music educators, students and community members have always known the impact of music education on academic and social development. Music education enhances cognitive abilities and academic performance and cultivates social skills such as teamwork, communication and empathy. We have seen these benefits firsthand in our students, who excel in the classroom and as compassionate, engaged members of society.

This recognition motivates us to continue enriching our music education program and validates our belief in the transformative power of music. We thank our educators, students, parents and community partners for their dedication and support. Your efforts and passion for music education are the foundation of our success.

Let’s continue to celebrate and support the music programs that enrich the lives of our students and our community. Together, we are not just making music; we are shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. ∞