Township Corner

by Robert Luther

We have started our planning for projects for next year and beyond. One of our larger projects will be road paving in the Glencairn development. The heavy construction traffic in and out of that development has had an impact on the roads over the years. I believe most of the lots are now developed. The estimated cost is more than $1 million. This will take almost the entire budget for road projects, so we must plan accordingly.

Briarwood Road is having the same problem with heavy traffic. We have received complaints from residents. The developer will take care of the patching.

The county has been evaluating storm water management in the Hecker and Stubbins road area.

We will receive about $260,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act, which can be used only for certain projects. We are trying to decide the best way to utilize this money. We have two years to decide which projects will benefit the township.

Since being elected trustee in 1986, I have run the road department. Back then we worked out of an old two-car garage in the center of town and had two old trucks. We have come a long ways to what we have today. Our building and equipment are first class, along with a great group of employees to take care of our residents. Snow plowing season will be here soon and I would like to think we are good to go.

As always, have a safe and fun fall season. ∞