The Superintendent’s Corner

Hudson City Schools began in mid-August, but some of the beginning elements of school include introductions, building relationships, moving out of summer and getting acclimated to being back in the friendly confines of a school building. At this point in time, most of those events have occurred, and our wonderful routines and new experiences are fully underway.  

With the official beginning in place, I wish to send a very simple phrase to all of our Hudson families and school community: Thank You! Those two words are on my mind as our students and staff settle into the school year. Hudson City Schools is off to a start that we could categorize as strong, and there are a number of factors leading to this beginning. None of these factors, however, are more important than the children you send to us on a daily basis. Those children are the focus of this month’s writing.

I was at McDowell on Day 1 of preschool this year and watched amazing little lives walk from their cars to the loving arms of caring teachers. Children came from their vehicles prepared, and that has everything to do with the educational world you are providing for them at home.  

Ellsworth Hill welcomed me to “bus duty” as the year started, and in mid-September, I was able to return and visit classrooms and the lunchroom. High fives, smiles, enthusiasm, parent discussions, volunteerism and wonderful lives are all important parts of Ellsworth.  

East Woods Intermediate invited me to a New Student Orientation Lunch, and I visited with 20+ wonderful students who now call Hudson home. What a group! What they were already able to discuss about Hudson City Schools was amazing. They articulated their thoughts and feelings so well.

Our middle school welcomed the Innovative Leaders Network last month (a group of 20 superintendents), and it was our five-student panel who stood there and fielded construction and educational questions from district leadership. They didn’t bat an eye, stood there strongly and responded to “what is great about learning in a new and innovative building.”  

Our high school students always amaze. I’ve seen many of them in competition on our athletic fields, but this week I visited the orchestra class and heard them prepare for their Harry Potter Concert this fall. What’s amazing about a high school orchestra is that you can close your eyes and hear the most beautiful sounds from students who walk our hallways every single day. Our eldest Explorers are camping, studying, playing and performing.

Thank you to all of our families for the amazing students you send to us daily, and thank you to our 700+ staff members who are helping these kids carve their own path. Good starts can lead to great years, and our goal is to keep moving forward in that direction. ∞