Revere Superintendent’s Corner

Additional School Resource Officers

Revere Local Schools is certainly a revered and celebrated school system. Our student achievement annually ranks in the top 10-15% (Ohio), our fine arts and athletic programs are respected, and our support for student mental health is lauded. We not only focus strategically and intentionally on our student experience, but school safety and security is our number one priority.

As the world around us reflects on several school tragedies and legislators debate/allow for the arming of teachers and school employees, Revere has turned to our incredibly well-trained Bath and Richfield police departments. Through the immense support of the Revere Schools Foundation, Revere has significantly increased SRO presence in our schools.

Last year, our schools contracted for 1.5 SROs. Officer Scott Dressler worked full time while another officer assisted four hours a day.

This year, Dressler will lead two officers, who will each support our schools for six hours daily, 60 hours weekly.

Revere has chosen to deploy professional police officers to protect our schools, students, employees and visitors.

I am in awe of the community support for our schools and so greatly appreciate our two police chiefs (Sinopoli/Swanson), our security committee, Revere Schools Foundation and the board of education. Everyone knows that without safe and secure schools, none of the traditional Revere excellence will be achieved.

Dressler has created a Student Safety Council this year. Students in grades six-12 will be invited to meet with Dressler, analyze safety and security procedures, and work to promote our, “See Something, Say Something” campaign.

Dressler has also placed “SRO Connect” flyers in Revere middle and high school classrooms and hallways. These flyers advertise a QR code, which, when scanned, immediately connects students to our safety and security services.

I would like to conclude by marketing the annual Revere Schools Foundation fundraiser. The RSF Illuminate event will take place on Saturday, Nov. 5. All funds raised during this event are used to promote experiential learning, produce leaders and protect our schools. I encourage our communities to support this terrific event and this fabulous organization. More information on Illuminate can be found at ∞