Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

July 1—A woman reported her wallet missing or possibly stolen after shopping at a W. Aurora Road store.

July 2—Officers were dispatched to a N. Gannett Road residence for report of a domestic dispute.

July 3—Police returned to the same N. Gannett Road residence for another domestic dispute.

July 4—Officers responded to a Canyon View Road residence for report of property damage to a resident’s truck with a threatening note attached.

July 5—A resident in a Canyon View Road condo reported receiving unwanted text messages from her neighbor. Police did not find them to be harassing in nature.

Police arrested a female on Troubadour Drive for OVI after she hit a rock with her vehicle and dragged it down the street.

July 6—Officers responded to a report of unauthorized use of a vehicle on W. Aurora Road.

July 7—A victim of telephone fraud purchased $15,000 in gift cards for the scammer after threat of arrest if he refused.

July 9—A couple hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near the I-82 bridge were approached by a male with a knife who told them to stay out of his woods.

July 10—Police responded to a Pipes Court residence for report of a possible dead on arrival. The female in questions was pronounced dead due to natural causes.

July 14—A man reported telecommunications harassment after receiving threatening messages on Twitter.

Officers were dispatched to a Hawthorne Drive residence for a possible dead on arrival. The male in question had been on hospice care and died after falling out of bed. Macedonia paramedics were provided a DNR request from the man’s wife.

July 15—Police received a call that a woman was being shoved and yelled at by her grandson at a Waterside Drive residence. The grandson and his father had been living with the grandmother and were told to leave.

July 17— Officers handled a domestic dispute on N. Gannett Road.

July 19—A female reported a stolen laptop from her apartment on Eaton Ridge Drive.

July 20—A Kiltie Lane resident reported his bicycle as stolen from his detached garage. The Summit County Sherriff’s department was in possession of the bike after finding a homeless man using it.

Police responded to a gas station on Olde Eight Road for a welfare check. The man in question was sitting in a vehicle and non-responsive. The Macedonia Fire Department took him to the hospital.

July 22—Officers responded to a noise disturbance and potential telecommunications harassment at a Canyon View Road residence. A neighbor was issued citations for noise nuisance.

July 24—Telecommunications harassment continued between a man in the Canyon View Road residence and his upstairs neighbor. The man later turned himself in for the harassment charge.

July 27—Police responded to a verbal argument between a husband and wife on Chaffee Road.

July 29—Officers assisted the Northfield Village Fire Department with a stove fire in a Bridgewater Lane home. An intoxicated man had attempted to use the stove to make himself food.

July 30—Police were notified of a broken window at an abandoned medical center building on W. Aurora Road. Property management was notified, and no people were found in the building. ∞