Bath School Students of the month

Grade 3: Maria Luisa Schmid-Pereira

Maria is an excellent student who takes her academic work very seriously, while not forgetting to also have a little fun. She is a good friend, caring classmate, and the time and attention she gives to her work does not go unnoticed.

Grade: 4 Ben Franczak

Ben consistently takes pride in his work and brings a positive and energetic attitude to the classroom. He shows care and concern for others, regardless of age. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and will most definitely achieve success in the future. 

Grade 5: Cam Christensen 

Cam is an all-around leader and eagerly tackles new challenges with a positive attitude. He produces quality work and is respectful, responsible, and helpful in the classroom. Cam’s honest, caring and friendly nature makes him a wonderful role model for his peers. ∞