Police Beat

March 3—Police reported to a wooded area of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on Valley View Road for report of a body found. Paramedics confirmed the body to be a deceased male.

March 12—An officer responded to help Macedonia Fire with a medical emergency call on Wood Hollow Road.

Police were called to a Chaffee Road residence for report of domestic violence.

March 13—A resident reported fraudulent charges made on her debit card.

Units responded to a Chesea Court residence for a domestic dispute.

March 15—A Pine Creek Lane resident reported a sick raccoon in her backyard. Police put down the animal with a shotgun.

Officers responded to a vehicle stuck in the mud on Sagamore Road. The driver was found to have an active warrant and the vehicle had no valid registration.

An employee working at a South Gannett Road residence stated his co-worker was passed out at the wheel of a car at the job site. The co-worker was cited for open container and possession of a controlled substance.

March 18—Police received a call about a loose dog running at a woman and her two dogs on Cranberry Trail.

March 21—A McPherson Circle resident reported the theft of $200 rhinestone boots, stating she believed her husband had taken them.

March 23—A man filled out a police report for fraud after being scammed into buying $85,000 worth of bitcoin online.

March 25—Police responded to a Rushwood Lane home for a disturbance in progress between siblings.

March 26—Officers responded to a Squire Drive residence for report of an unruly juvenile.

March 28—While patrolling, officers found a juvenile walking alone and underdressed for the weather. The juvenile was transported back to her home on Rockefeller Lane.

Officers responded to a trespassing complaint at a Smithfield Drive residential complex.

Police responded to a barn fire on Brandywine Road. ∞