Safety the priority during Scenic Railway season

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad resumed train rides in May and wants to remind visitors about train safety. 

“We look forward to welcoming our guests back on the train,” said CVSR President and CEO Joe Mazur. “We want to ensure everyone has a fun, enjoyable, but most importantly, a safe trip with us and that includes keeping in mind train safety at all times.”

No matter how you travel throughout the national park, it’s likely you will come in close contact with a train as CVSR runs 26 miles throughout the park. Last year, according to Federal Railroad Administration Statistics, Ohio experienced 26 casualties to railroad trespassing, including 15 deaths. Ohio made the top 10 list for states with crossing incidents with 75 collisions and eight deaths.  

In 2020, the park saw an increase in visitors, making the top 10 list for most-visited national parks. CVNP expects high visitor numbers to continue throughout the summer, which means more visitors around the tracks and train stations located throughout the park.

No matter how you’re enjoying your time in the park, here are tips and reminders CVSR wants visitors to keep in mind.

Always expect a train. Trains can run on any track, at any time, from either direction and do not always run on schedule. CVSR often hosts special events and rentals that the public is not always aware of.

Do not attempt to jump aboard train equipment at any time. Never climb on a train, under or through railroad cars.

Crossing tracks on a bike requires extra attention. With CVSR’s popular Bike Aboard program starting, CVSR recommends planning ahead when choosing your bike route. Always walk, don’t ride across the tracks and walk your bike across train tracks at a 90-degree angle.

Be alert at boarding stations. Stand behind the yellow lines at stations while waiting for the train. This ensures all train crew members are aware of your presence and can see you.

Never try to beat a train. Flashing red lights at grade crossings means the same as a red light at an intersection; STOP. ∞