Mayors Corner – Mayor Jeffrey L. Anzevino

Hudson’s History and Heritage

The month of June marked some key milestones for the city of Hudson’s 225th anniversary, and I want to extend a sincere “thank you” and words of appreciation to everyone involved. As such, thank you to the Hudson League for Service and for your willingness to collaborate during this year’s Ice Cream Social, to city staff for their continued support and hard work on our events and programs, to our local merchants who helped us advertise and promote our anniversary, to the Western Reserve Academy for your collaboration and joint efforts to honor our combined history and to all of the residents who attend events and support our local economy. All of these efforts and actions are paramount in helping to keep our community the charming, vibrant and unique city that is Hudson.

To the above, if you have not yet experienced the illuminated oak tree on the campus of the Western Reserve Academy, please consider making plans to visit this amazing tribute to WRA’s upcoming bicentennial as well as recognition of the interconnected roots and history with the city of Hudson. WRA has carefully and respectfully wrapped an oak tree with over 75K white lights. The tree will be illuminated every day from dusk to 11 p.m. and is located just northeast of Main Street and Chapel Street. Congratulations to the Western Reserve Academy.

To the above, did you know that after traveling 56 days from Goshen, Connecticut, David Hudson first set foot in this area on June 17, 1799, and then on June 26, 1799, after arriving in the center of the township, he decided to start a settlement? This collective part of the Connecticut Western Reserve was originally designated as Township 4, Range 10, but would soon be named “Hudson” in his honor. I hope you agree, that David Hudson would be incredibly proud of what his settlement has become and how Hudson has retained many of the characteristics and resemblances of a historic Connecticut town mapped out and around a central open area.

To the present time, Hudson has been busy welcoming some new businesses to our city. Please look to the websites for the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the City of Hudson and our social media profiles for more information on recent and upcoming additions to our local economy. If you have not yet signed up for the city’s weekly E-News, please consider doing so by visiting the city’s website and clicking on the “News & Alerts” link. Furthermore, if you have not yet viewed any of my “Meet the Merchant” episodes on Facebook or Instagram, please consider watching and learning more about some of our unique, local merchants here in Hudson. There are currently 15 episodes released over the last two seasons, with more to come.

On a final note, please responsibly and respectfully enjoy this year’s 4th of July holiday in honor of our country’s independence, which is 248 years young.

Cheers and salute. ∞