Trustees Corner by Trustee David DePasquale

It is that time of year when companies are asking for permits to conduct door-to-door soliciting. All solicitors are required to wear a photo ID badge with their name and the address of the company they represent. If you don’t want to be bothered, visit to register to be on the “no knock” list or put a “no soliciting” sign on your door. By Ohio law they are not allowed to knock on your residence if you take these measures.

Police Chief David Hayes told me that the mail thief from Northfield Center was tampering again with Sagamore Hills mailboxes and stealing checks. The latest case started on Sandy Hill Road. Sgt. Ken Wolf and Ptl. Ryan Shelby responded to the call, but the thief had moved over to Springwood Road and stolen a check from a mailbox with a red flag up.

Wolf contacted detectives Dan Rice and Vicky Miavitz. They were able to get images of the thief trying to cash the check in Maple Heights. Rice immediately identified the suspect because he had been arrested before on Brandywine Road for the same crime. Miavitz said the hand tattoos were a dead giveaway. The mail thief will be playing post office in jail as he was given a three-year sentence.

Hayes also commended Ptl. Chris Danko and Ptl. Glenn Lucore for catching a juvenile from Northfield Center who was shoplifting in Sagamore Hills. The shop owner got the license plate number and Danko and Lucore were able to reach the boy’s mother. The mother immediately made restitution. The shop owner did not wish to press charges, but the young thief is banned from the store for life. Hayes was pleased with the quick turnaround on this case. He said, “Kids do dumb things on impulse.” Hopefully this was the last time for a poor decision.

In April, Miavitz gave a presentation for a group of senior citizens at Ferfolia Funeral Home. She discussed “Seniors and AI Fraud” and her informative and detailed presentation was well received. Hayes has high praise for Miavitz’s concern and dedication to Sagamore Hills seniors. If you ever have any scam concerns, do not hesitate to call Det. Miavitz at 330-468-0900.

The Northfield Macedonia Cemetery located at the corner of Valley View Road and Olde Route 8 had its annual operation assessment approved. The four Nordonia communities that support the cemetery are charged based on real estate property valuation by each subdivision.

The break down this year is: Macedonia, $71,269; Sagamore Hills, $52,319; Northfield Center Township, $26,711; and Northfield Village, $10,701. There are approximately 400 gravesites left, and if you wish to obtain burial prices, contact cemetery Superintendent Dan Sakal or cemetery Fiscal Officer Jeff Snell.

The Sagamore Hills Board of Trustees wants to thank both Dan and Jeff for having the cemetery in beautiful shape for Memorial Day. There are several hundred veterans buried at our cemetery. Their contributions for our way of life will always be deeply appreciated.

Congratulations to the class of 2024! ∞