Police Beat

Information provided by the Brecksville Police Department

The Brecksville Police Department has issued a public statement advising residents that officers have investigated a number of scam incidents over the past six months involving older residents who have been bilked out of several thousand dollars. Currently, there is a crypto-currency ATM (CoinHub) machine at a local convenience store where money was deposited by the victims who were tricked by the scammer. Police Chief Stan Korinek said, “If you receive a call urging you to withdraw money from your bank account and then to deposit that money into a crypto-currency ATM machine either in Brecksville or another town, don’t do it,” noting that instead, individuals should contact police at 440-526-8900. Other typical scams involve computer viruses and victims are asked to give money to an unknown person to fix it. Others involve a call from a person that pretends to be a grandchild asking money to post bail. Residents are advised to contact Brecksville police if they receive a suspicious call requesting money to be sent.

May 18 – The driver of a red sedan was pulled over on Snowville Road after a patrol officer noted a license plate bracket partially covered the vehicle’s registration sticker. The officer discovered the vehicle’s owner had an active warrant for his arrest for contempt of court on an OVI charge. The passenger in the vehicle was also found to have a warrant for her arrest on drug charges of danger.

May 21 – Police were dispatched to a local business after receiving a report that two female suspects that had a baby with them attempted to steal more than $2,500 in merchandise. The complainant said store employees spotted the women placing the merchandise in a bag and ordered them to empty into a shopping cart. The merchandise was recovered; however, the manager was unable to capture a description of the vehicle the suspects left in or the license plates.

May 29 – The driver of a gray SUV was arrested on a felony warrant on charges of aggravated burglary after she was pulled over for only one working headlight. Officers also discovered the vehicle’s license plates were expired. The driver was taken into custody and later turned over to Cleveland police. ∞