Bowers named Homer B. Smith Teacher of Excellence

Highland High School math teacher Kim Bowers has been named the Homer B. Smith Teacher of Excellence Award by the Medina County Educational Service Center.

The award was presented by ESC Superintendent Dr. Bob Hlasko and Board Member Kevin Conciglio at the Highland High School staff meeting that was held on April 25. 

Bowers continues to leave her mark on the Highland Local School District by consistently celebrating her students’ unique talents and interests, and empowering them to take ownership of their learning. Whether through personalized feedback, constructive praise, or thoughtful encouragement, she inspires her students to strive for excellence and reach their fullest potential. She is an example of a teacher who meets her students exactly where they are and instills confidence and a sense of belief in her students.

Bowers teaches precalculus, algebra 2 and geometry lab. Although she uses a prescribed curriculum, College Preparatory Math, she supplements to ensure all students’ needs are met.  Whether she is seeking extra practice problems or an innovative lab, Bowers knows when to extend an activity and when to reteach. As she creates her lessons, she doesn’t adhere strictly to a predetermined curriculum but instead takes the time to assess her students’ individual needs and understanding.  

Bowers is keenly aware that students learn at different paces and in different ways. For those students who require additional support, she offers one-on-one guidance, patiently explaining concepts until they are fully understood. Additionally, she fosters a collaborative learning environment where students can learn from one another, recognizing that peer support can be invaluable in the learning process. Whenever possible, Bowers frontloads the geometry content for her students so that when they arrive to class, they have an understanding of the material and can confidently participate in teamwork. ∞

Photo: Kevin Conciglio (left) and Dr. Bob Hlasko (right) present the Homer B. Smith Teacher Award of Excellence to Highland math teacher Kim Bowers (center). Photo submitted.