Trustees Corner by Trustee John Zaccardelli

Sagamore Hills Zoning had a productive 2023.

The following is a recap of what transpired in Sagamore Hills Zoning. There were 1,113 zoning permits issued, 16 permits issued for new homes, 28 for fences, 20 for accessory buildings, nine for home additions, five for swimming pools and six for decks. There were no condemned structures, but when a structure is condemned, every opportunity is given to the property owners to rehabilitate the structure.

General fence information

Location: All fencing shall be within the owner’s lot line. If a footer is required, then no portion of that footer shall extend within 1 foot of the property line.

Height: Front yard non-living fencing shall not exceed 48 inches above grade. Other locations for non-living fencing shall not exceed 72 inches above grade.

Appearance: The side of the fence facing the adjacent property shall be the smooth finished side and all horizontal, diagonal or supporting members shall be on the owner’s side. The fence shall be harmonious and appropriate in appearance and maintained in good condition. The fee for a residential fence application and permit is $75.

Additional zoning information

All swimming pools must be located in the rear yard. Swimming pools shall be walled and suitably fenced so as to prevent uncontrolled access from the street or adjacent properties. The fence or wall shall conform to zoning requirements; not less than 48 inches in height, maintained in good condition and with a gate and a lock on the inside portion of the pool. The fee for an application/permit for an in-ground pool is $100. An above ground pool that is 24 inches or more in depth is $50.

All residential additions/alterations must receive a zoning permit prior to going to the Summit County Building Department for final approval. If your project is under 200 square feet, the fee is $75, if your project is over 200 square feet the fee is $200. All decks must receive a zoning permit in advance. The deck application/permit fee is $100.

Upon filling out any application for a zoning permit, please review what must be submitted with your signed application, which can be found on page two of the application. Read that carefully so as not to have your application denied and your project delayed. The approval process is a minimum of 7 days. Projects that have started or completed without a zoning permit are subject to fines and double the permit fee. This does not include any fines or fees from the Summit County Building Department. Please contact the Summit County Building Department in advance of any project at 330-630-7280.

Visit to find necessary permit information under the Zoning Department tab. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the zoning inspector.

Happy Memorial Day! ∞