Superintendent’s Corner – Casey Wright

Nordonia Special Olympics Day: a triumph for Nordonia Hills City Schools

The Nordonia Special Olympics Day was a significant event, bringing together athletes from various schools across Summit County. As the superintendent of Nordonia Hills City Schools, I was honored to witness the perseverance and achievements of our student athletes.

The athletes from Nordonia, Copley, Aurora, Cuyahoga Falls, Woodridge, Twinsburg, Springfield Township, Stow, Tallmadge, Barberton and Kids First demonstrated their sportsmanship and determination in various sports, including track and field events, ball tosses and wheelchair slaloms. The day was a testament to our community and the values of inclusivity, teamwork and dedication.

This event not only showcased the athletic skills of our students but also emphasized the importance of building confidence, resilience and camaraderie among participants. It reminded us of the need to create a supportive learning environment that prepares students for success in all areas of life.

The spectators cheered on the athletes, and activity booths around the track provided entertainment for the children when they were not competing. All participants received ribbons and each school was awarded a trophy, acknowledging the collective efforts of athletes and their support systems.

I would like to express my gratitude to the parents, teachers, volunteers and all those who contributed to making this day a success. Their support and dedication have nurtured our students’ growth and celebrated their achievements.

The Nordonia Special Olympics Day was a day to celebrate achievements, embrace challenges and enjoy the pride that comes from being part of the Nordonia Hills City Schools community. This event serves as a testament to the strength, perseverance and unity that define us, and we look forward to celebrating these achievements for years to come. ∞