Police Beat

Information provided by the Sagamore Hills Police Department

April 2—Police responded to a Smithfield Drive residence for report of domestic dispute between a couple. Officers said the male was planning to move to Colorado and the townhome complex was in the process of evicting the female.

April 2—Sagamore Police aided the Summit County Sherriff Deputy with an active house fire on Marywyck Drive. Officers advised neighbors to evacuate and blocked nearby roadways.

April 2—A woman at a Greenwood Parkway home reported that someone had stolen her shoe from outside her door.

April 6—Officers responded to Augusta Lane for report of a female lost in the woods and having a medical emergency. The 16-year-old female fainted, and when she woke up was unable to walk. Police found her in the woods, and she was transferred to the hospital.

April 6—A female resident reported identity theft after someone opened an unemployment account using her name and social security number.

April 9—Two business owners on Olde 8 Road had a dispute about parking on the business property. One owner made threatening statements towards the other in response.

April 10—Officers responded to a disturbance between a father and son at a North Gannett Road residence.

April 12—Police responded to a Sandy Hill Road home for report of a theft.

April 14—Officers responded to a Mottl Reserve home for report of domestic violence between a married couple.

April 15—Sagamore police assisted Macedonia and Northfield Village police with a vehicle pursuit turned foot pursuit of three males who had stolen a car in Cleveland. All three juvenile subjects were apprehended.

April 16—Parents at a Dunham Road residence called about a disturbance with their daughter, who was later taken to the hospital for evaluation.

April 16—A male caused property damage to a home’s ditch and driveway on Dunham Road after claiming he swerved to avoid hitting a squirrel.

April 19—A female reported identity theft after receiving an email from a Texas police department claiming she had a warrant. The woman’s sister had used her social security number whenever she was in trouble.

April 20—A Woodbridge Trail resident reported $4,000 in cash, a garage door opener and house key stolen from her home. She later found the items, which were misplaced within the home.

April 20—Police took a fraud report from a Southridge Road resident who was a victim of a phone scam.

April 23—Officers received a call about a dog at large on Crystal Creek Road. The dog was later caught, and the owner stated she didn’t want it. Police offered to look for no-kill facilities to surrender the dog.

April 24—During a traffic stop on North Boyden Road, police found the driver was driving under suspension, and she and her passenger had an open container in the vehicle.

April 25—A Trimble Place resident reported credit card fraud.

April 25—A Mottl Reserve resident reported the woman he had evicted refused to leave. Though he had an eviction notice, he had let her stay for the past month.

April 25—A man threw a beer can out the window of his vehicle while driving at Walton Road and Apple Hill Drive. He was issued a summons for open container in a motor vehicle.

April 25—Police responded to a Smithfield Drive residence for report of a domestic disturbance between a couple. Officers had been called to the home several times in the past. The male stated he is moving to Colorado and things will de-escalate when he and the female are no longer together.

April 26—A Sagamore police officer witnessed a road rage incident in progress when a funeral escort car swerved into the lane of a truck and trailer. The funeral driver exited his vehicle and yelled at the truck driver before the officer asked him to move along.

April 28—Officers responded to a Smithfield Drive residence for report of a possible domestic dispute. The couple was arguing but nothing physical occurred. ∞