Legislation prohibiting cannabis considered for November ballot

by Melissa Martin

April 16 city council meeting

A proposed Brecksville zoning code amendment will appear on the Nov. 5 ballot once city council approves a planning commission recommendation to prohibit adult-use cannabis in the city.

The proposed legislation was expected to be presented for first reading at the May 7 city council meeting, with passage expected by mid-June.

Law Director David Matty said the planning commission approved the zoning code amendment April 4 after council recommended earlier this year that the city draft legislation to prohibit the cultivation, processing and dispensing of marijuana citywide.

The move comes six months after Ohio voters approved Issue 2, which legalized the use of up to 2.5 ounces of recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over. The new state law also permits private citizens to grow up to six marijuana plants per adult in their households.

Once council approves the legislation, Matty said the motion will be forwarded to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections prior to the August filing deadline for placement on the November ballot.

“It will require a 55% passage rate to be applicable,” he said.

Matty told council earlier this year that the law city voters approved in 2017, which prohibits medical marijuana from being cultivated, processed and dispensed in Brecksville, shields the city until the ballot issue is approved.

“State law only permits dispensaries [to operate] in those communities in which they are not prohibited now,” Matty said. “Here, they are not permitted.”

Matty advised council to adopt laws regulating the production and sale of recreational marijuana that mirror the laws the city has to prohibit the production and sale of medical marijuana.

New school zone

City council authorized the purchase of a solar-powered school zone flasher for Weise Road in preparation for the opening of the new Julie Billiart School this fall.

Service Director Joe Kickel told council the $17,450 unit will be programmed remotely by the staff, which will install the school markings as part of the city’s annual pavement marking program scheduled to take place this summer.

Asphalt work

Council awarded the annual asphalt bid to Stoneco Inc. doing business as Allied Corporation, for the furnishing of 301 asphalt concrete base for $75 per ton, along with asphalt concrete intermediate course, type 2, for $76.50 per ton. Also approved was 441 asphalt concrete intermediate course, type 1, for $84.75 per ton

 Stoneco, Inc. won the bid to provide concrete base  and asphalt concrete intermediate course and surface course for $66.50 per ton to $85 per ton, depending on the material. The contract also calls for a delivery fee of $10.75 per ton or $120 per hour for street repair requirements in the city.

The purchasing director, Rebecca Riser, said the city has traditionally awarded the contract to Kokosing, but this year Allied Corporation was aggressive in its bidding, winning the contract for the first time in approximately 10 years.

Council also approved:

  •  $6,685 for the purchase of 37 trees for spring planting.
  • $3,542 for repairs at the community center natatorium to increase the negative air pressure to rectify condensation issues inside the pool area.
  • Allocating $9,950 to purchase the remaining 14 historical markers from Milano Monuments to complete the Historical Walkway project, located near the mayor’s bench at Brecksville City Hall. Mayor Daryl Kingston said nearly all the project funding was raised through private donations. ∞