Township maintains UH heart monitors

by Laura Bednar

April 15 township trustees meeting

The Bath Township trustees held their meeting at Revere High School in front of students in a government class for the teens to see local government at work. In addition to explaining the township positions and how a township differs from a city, trustees passed several recommendations.

The fire department entered into a three-year contract with Stryker to service the department’s EMS heart monitors for a total of $25,125. Fire Chief Robert Campbell said the monitors are from University Hospitals and data from the monitors has been used in local research projects and national research-based organizations. UH covered the first two years of maintenance, and now the township must take over.

Trustees also approved a $13,746 purchase of six Dell mobile data terminals for police vehicles, which are used in the cruisers to find information on licenses, drivers and warrants.

Bath also accepted a $44,417 grant from the Ohio Criminal Justice Services for the police officers’ body-worn cameras.

Students were invited to ask questions at the end of the meeting. One student asked what the timeline was for the Texas Roadhouse and Sheetz gas station development on Medina Road. Planning Director/Zoning Inspector William Funk said the developer was still waiting for a final road study from the Ohio Department of Transportation, but did receive some type of preliminary approval. He said the developer hopes to demolish the Holiday Inn hotel on site later this year or early next. ∞