Revere students place in Ohio Reflections competition

Revere students attending all four schools were invited to participate in the PTAs Reflections program. They entered in the categories of literature, music composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography and film production. Entries for 28 Revere students advanced to the Ohio competition, in which thousands of students competed. Five Revere students received awards. The work of fourth-grader Gwenneth Kelly was sent to the National PTA for award consideration.

Other students who received recognition at the state level included fourth-grader Ilana Dickstein, first-grader Jax Donohue and fifth-grader Teodora Pauna. Third-grader Cate Groce received honorable mention.           

PTA members Natalie Rainey, Theresa Berry and Hillary Ash co-chaired the competition. ∞