Police Beat

Information provided by the Richfield Police Department, compiled by Ken Miles

A 21-year-old Fairlawn man was killed after losing control of his Kawasaki motorcycle at a high rate of speed on 77 SB. He rear ended a Nissan Versa in the right lane causing it to swerve left, hit a tractor trailer and roll over multiple times. The trailer also hit the motorcyclist who slid into the median. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Time 11:30 p.m.

A Dodge Ram pick-up ran off the road between two sections of guardrail on 271 SB. The truck continued on the outside of the rail approximately 300 yards before stopping. Because of the steep decline, the driver was afraid he would roll over if he stopped his forward momentum. The driver stated he took a drink of coffee and started choking. That was when he left the roadway.

Officers were dispatched to a Mercedes in the ditch on Black Road. The driver, through slurred speech, had difficulty articulating where she had been as well as where she was headed. She made it clear she did not intend to exit her car or submit to a field sobriety test. The officer was equally clear that she was under arrest for OVI. Asked to identify white and red pills found in her possession she stated, “1906 legal happiness.” When asked one last time to provide a urine sample she said, “I love you, girl, but no.”

An officer responded to a Brecksville Road office building where two German shepherds were roaming the parking lot off leash and intimidating employees of other businesses. The owners were advised they could be charged.

A resident called 911 and claimed four or five individuals were trying to break into his house. He told the attending officer this had been going on all night but he couldn’t catch them. The man had called previously at 2:14 and 2:39 a.m. Each time there was no evidence of intruders. It was determined a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol contributed to his unease. He was checked by EMS but declined transport to the hospital. The consequence of abusing 911 was explained.

A man stated a check he had written for $300 had been altered and cashed for $9500.17. Because more than 30 days had passed before he discovered the fraud, his bank denied repayment. He needed a police report to show his insurance company.

A car with one working headlight was stopped for speeding on I-77. In addition, the driver was cited for lane violations, expired plates, OVI, OVI test refusal, and improperly handling firearms. Time 1:07 a.m.

A resident received a call from a James Davis claiming she won a Publisher Clearinghouse sweepstakes. After describing her “winnings,” he advised she would have to pay taxes on those winnings. Under Mr. Miller’s direction the resident purchased $1500 of non-refundable gift cards and gave the serial numbers to him. When he began asking her for more money, she became suspicious and went to the police.

A tractor-trailer rolled over on 77 NB before the Richfield exit. Starting at Ghent Road, 77 NB was closed for 12 hours to facilitate wreckage removal and clean up.

As we conclude another tax season, remember the IRS will not call you or email you. They will contact you by mail. If you receive a threatening phone call or email indicating you owe money, do not respond. Call the Richfield Police at 330-659-9500.

Meanwhile back at the motel:

Officers were asked to conduct a welfare check on two children ages 16 and 6. The room was in a deplorable condition with trash and personal items strewn about and a strong foul odor. Child Protective Services was given a court order to retrieve the children when the parents failed to appear for a custody hearing. A dog was turned over to the animal control officer. ∞