Students embrace strengths-based leadership

At North Royalton High School, a new student leadership group is empowering Bears to identify and apply their unique strengths. The #BEARstrengths initiative, part of the Ohio Strengths Collaborative, helps scholars discover their top talents through the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.

“Knowing your strengths allows you to focus energy in the right areas and grow into your full potential,” said assistant principal Kristen Hubbell.  “The OSC approach equips our students with invaluable self-awareness and leadership skills for life after high school.” 

Students Hanna Baskhron, Maggie Beam, Maddie Holloran and Marko Nikolic shared their top five strengths and what they learned in this program during the March school board meeting.

Last November, the school’s 19 #BEARstrengths staff leaders sent welcome letters inviting students to join the pioneering program. By December’s kickoff event, more than 100 Bears had signed up, completed the StrengthsFinder evaluation and began digging into their personalized reports.

Each month, the ever-growing student group meets to explore ways to develop and apply their biggest strengths, including Achiever, Intellection, Empathy and more. Discussions and activities emphasize cultivating a positive culture and embodying the “BEAR Way” mindsets of mindfulness, kindness, integrity and resilience.

The #BEARstrengths Leadership Group is an opportunity for underclassmen to learn how to use their strengths to foster leadership skills and create a positive culture at North Royalton High School.

From self-discovery to practicing strengths-based leadership, #BEARstrengths is empowering NRHS students to lean into what makes them unique. The Ohio Strengths Collaborative proves once again why North Royalton City Schools helps all learners soar. ∞