Letter to the Editor

Young people go to school to learn about history, mathematics, geography, language arts, not to be indoctrinated into radical, leftist ideologies.

Extremists are now demanding that not only are we to tolerate their beliefs about sexuality but to promote them. This has zero business being in our schools.

A recent Wall Street Journal article states: “State agencies in the Pacific Northwest are deeming people unfit to be foster or adoptive parents unless they pledge to abide by new orthodoxies on gender and sexuality.”
New regulations [are] requiring foster parents to support a foster child’s orientation and gender identity/expression by using their pronouns and chosen name, and respecting the child’s right to privacy.” Foster parents are required to lie and forced to refer to males by female pronouns and vice versa.

Foster parents are further required to “display Pride flags and similar indicators, having “LGBTQIA+ authors, musicians and artists in your collections” and seeking “affirming medical care” for the child or youth. Note the word “require.” “Affirming medical care” has become a euphemism for genital mutilation and using hormone blockers to disrupt healthy growth of bodies.

If you don’ t want your child to be forced to listen to such things, if you don’t want your daughters exposed to males in private female places, such as bathrooms and locker rooms, if you want to protect them from having to compete with males in her chosen sport, if you don’t want your young people exposed to pornographic literature, you’d better wake up and take a stand. ∞

James Motylinski

Beaver Ridge Trail, Broadview Heights