Dental Implants: More Affordable in the Long Run

by Dr. Zenon Farian, DDS

Whether you’re affected by tooth loss or have a full set of pearly whites, you’ve likely heard of dental implants. These tiny threaded posts replace missing teeth roots and can be restored with dental crowns, bridges, and even dentures. Dental implants have quickly become the most preferred tooth replacement solution, boasting impressive success rates of over 95 percent.

As more and more individuals explore this type of treatment, they often want to know if dental implants are worth the time and cost. Here, Dr. Zenon Farian of Farian Dental Care explains the pros and cons of this popular option.

Implant Treatment Timeline
Compared to Alternative Options

The most obvious disadvantage to dental implants is that treatment often takes a few months to complete. In most instances, the implant posts must heal for at least three to four months before they are strong enough to support the final restoration.

That being said, dental implants last much longer than bridges, dentures, or other alternatives. In fact, with proper care and routine oral health checkups, implants can last the rest of your life. True, upfront costs are usually a bit higher. However, when you consider the reliability and longevity of dental implants, they are actually less expensive in the long run.

Long-Term Oral Health and Success

There are other reasons why dental implants are touted as the most successful replacement option. While alternatives such as bridges and dentures replace the crowns of the teeth (the portions visible above the gums), dental implants are the only restorative option that replaces the roots of the teeth as well. This is significant for a couple of reasons. First, implants stimulate the jawbone in a similar fashion. As a result, bone atrophy – a common byproduct of tooth loss – is halted. Secondly, while dental bridges require some removal of natural tooth structure, implants are much more conservative and can preserve your natural teeth for years to come.

Find Out More

There may, of course, be certain individuals who do not qualify for dental implant treatment. However, if it is a feasible option, most patients find it is well worth the wait and the higher initial cost. To learn more about this innovative tooth replacement option, call Farian Dental Care at 440-526-9100.

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Dr. Zenon Farian, DDS

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