Township Corner by Trustee Robert Luther

I hope everyone has been enjoying the mild winter weather. I have plowed snow most of my life and cannot remember a year as light on snow and as warm as this year. Our salt usage and overtime pay are way down.

We met with a few township residents who live in the Briarwood area and have decided to wait until the spring of 2025 to resurface the road after most of the new houses are finished. I keep reminding people that the new development was planned with only one access through the Briarwood/Whitethorn Circle neighborhood. We fought hard to get that changed.

I would hope everyone supported the township’s Issue 5, fire/EMS levy on March 19, which was a decrease from 2.85 to 2.66 mills. We will have the results by the time this article comes out.

Our new fiscal officer elect, Vik Sandhu, will start April 1. He is opting to use a different accounting and payroll system than what has been used in the past. I am confident he will keep things running smoothly.  

As always, be careful on roads, especially during the eclipse of the sun on April 8. ∞